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Clarence Girls' Softball League 

Liberty Mutual Responsible Sports supports volunteer youth sports coaches and parents by awarding $2500 sports grants. Clarence Girls Softball League T-Ball Coordinator/Liberty Mutual representative, Tim Cottrill presents the $2500 check to House League Director, Tom Dolata as other board members look on. The check presentation took place at the CGSL Skills Competition on Saturday, July 18, 2009
 In case you are interested in why we have the team names we do. A few years ago it was decided that instead of using Major League Baseball team names, that we should make a move to bring attention to and support minor league baseball teams (cool names) and college and university programs that have girls softball teams at the varsity level. 3/29/09
Many parents have been asking when the season starts. The answer is during the first week in May. Tee Ball on the first Friday, and every other divisons will start the following day, Saturday. You will be notified prior to that date by your teams coach, who will also tell you when the team has time at our Indoor Training Facilities for practice and also to arrange for the parents to sign the Town of Clarence release form.
Volunteers: The league needs volunteers to assist in all aspects of in-season and non-season operations, such as helping at clinics, working at our concession stand(s) and at the various outings, working to set up tents and equipment, moving food/beverages and helping take everything down after the event has ended for the day. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact a member of the board. Believe it or not, this is actually fun to do, and it gives you a chance to meet parents of children of various ages from around the community.
Questions & Answers: (please feel free to submit your questions 
Question: I have a question.  I have two children, a girl who plays softball and a boy who plays baseball.  There have been occasions last spring/summer when I would use an empty available diamond to practice with both of them (using a softball for my daughter and a baseball for my son).  There have also been occasions when my daughter may have been practicing with her team and my son and I have used an adjacent empty softball diamond to pass the time by throwing a baseball around.  Is this a problem? 

Answer: Actually it is, believe it or not. The leagues typically have the times alotted to them in large blocks, not on a per game basis time. Then the game time reservation schedules are built around that and the Parks department workers drag the diamonds and put all the lines on them as indicated generally in the morning. If a diamond has been trashed by past games it would kind of be okay, but... and it's a big but, the problem is that inconsiderate parents will use unoccupied diamonds that have the chalk lines put down early in the day for a later game and they obliterate them. There are also parents of very small children who allow them to run on the fresh lines. We see it dozens of time a year. When we tell people that the diamond is reserved we are frequently met with hostility from self centered adults, who are setting extremely poor examples to their own children and other children around them. I also get complaints from the town about coach's practicing on prepared diamonds and it has turned out to be from independent teams that are not even associated with the league. I know it sounds petty, but there are all kinds of background headaches that seem to always rise to the top. I hope I have answered your question. 
Question: Can I bring my dog to my daughter's softball game, even if its on a leash? Somebody told me that no dogs are allowed in the park.
Answer: A Work Session of the Clarence Town Board was held June 4, 2003 at Clarence Town Hall, One Town Place, Clarence, NY.
Park Rules and Regulations - revisions
Chapter 143 will read Town Parks and Facilities
Section 143-1. Unlawful acts - has been revised to read: It shall be unlawful for any person to do any of the acts on town property hereinafter specified.
Firearms: For any person to take or otherwise transport any firearms, air guns, slingshots or bows and arrows in a park. Supervised archery events and nuisance permits will be allowed with written permission of the Town Board.
Pets: No pets allowed.
Statement: 2011 House League registration fees: $85 for K-grade 3 and $95 for grades 4-12, with a maximum per family of $195

Question: Can I still register for House League even though the registration deadline passed?
Answer: Yes, you may register right into the regular season. We will do or best to place your daughter on a team with a friend. However youn will be charged a $10 late fee.
Question: If a parent registers their daughter late, can she still play with a friend?
Answer: Tim Cottrill  the House League Director will attempt to make the best possible situation out of a late registration, by working with the Divison Coordinator and Registration Coordinator, so as to not punish the girl.
Question: Does a travel player have to play house league?
Answer: Yes, they do. All travel players are obligated to play at least half of the House League season, up through 8th grade to be eligible to play for a CGSL Travel team.
Question: Can I print a house league application and mail you a check?
Answer: No, we have removed the link for printing of player applications from our web site. There are many billing problems that are created during this process. In an effort to make the process easier for all, we are now only offering secure credit/debit card payment on the web site for the online registration process. If you are unable to register using this method, please contact our Registration Coordinator Diane Wolf kndwolf@verizon.net and she will be able to take care of you.
Question: Is on-line registration available for travel players?
Answer: No, please go to the "Travel Softball" page and click on the "Travel League Registration" link and print the application, fill it out and mail it with your payment, along with the signed Release Form.
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