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House League Rain Out Policy

When game day conditions are less than desirable or even downright lousy, you can check the House League Rain Out Hotline. The rain out policy is set by the Town of Clarence Parks Department and the Clarence Girls Softball League. There are times during the week when the Parks Department will close the diamonds for the day by about 3:00 PM and yes, it may clear up and be beautiful later in the day. Please respect their decisions. They know the fields very well and do not want unnecessary damage, particulary to the infields.
The league makes decisions before or during games. On Saturdays, when the Parks Department is closed, it's up to the league, not the coaches at the fields. We have many experienced directors, who will always use the players safety as the first criteria for playing games. You must report for your scheduled games even if it is raining where you happen to be. Clarence is a funny area in that, there may be a driving rainstorm at the Main Street Park, when at the same time there is no sign of  rain at Memorial Park, except that you can see dark clouds, and vice versa. Check the Rain Out Hotline during the day on Saturdays. If the message has not been changed in a while, that means all games are on.
NOTE: If you see lightning or hear thunder, the game is to immediately go into a weather delay. Everyone should seek shelter as quickly as possible (not under trees). Please do not leave right away, sometimes these storms are moving away from the field of play with little or no rain and after a short delay, it may be determined by the umpire and coaches that safe play may continue.
Rained out or rain postponed games must be made up. Games that are more than half way through the regular number of innings are considered complete games.
Please click on the link below for a copy of the 2012 Rainout Guidelines:
Rain Out Hotline # 716-559-3019 
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