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Adopted by: Clarence Town Board 3/3/2003


1. All games and makeups must be scheduled through the Parks Department Office. Please contact Judy Shisler /Jean Ranney at 741-8927, 8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. Monday - Friday

{Emergency phone number– 583-6861-Jim Burkard}

· We schedule all of the Diamonds, Soccer Fields and Football Fields in Town (Parks, Schools and Fire Companies).

2. Before any games begin, we must have the following items turned in to us in the proper order:

· Schedules – by team name (not #), field requested and time.

· Release forms (signed & witnessed) for All players OR they do not play-(put in alphabetical order).

· Team Rosters - must include Name/Address/Phone number

· Rosters should be stapled to that Team’s release forms

· Coach Name/Home Phone number / Work Phone number/ Cell Numbers/email address

· Town Teams take preference regarding use of a field. Players must be Town Residents OR attend a Clarence School. (With the exception of the adult men and women leagues ONLY – they have a grandfather clause and a non-town resident fee.) Occasionally there may be a team that cannot fill all positions with Town residents. In this case, a limit of three (3) non-residents will be allowed. Every Town resident must be given the opportunity to participate over non-residents. Non-affiliated teams (independent teams) who request field use shall be considered after town affiliated teams are scheduled. They will also be required to pay a field use fee, per our schedule.

· Any income producing activities such as Tournaments, Camps, Clinics will be required to pay according to the attached schedule. Please submit fees and schedules well in advance.

The groups sponsoring these events will be responsible for ordering / paying for extra dumpsters and port-a-johns. If a field is used without approval, and damage occurs, the association will assume responsibility for the cost (labor and materials) of repairing damaged fields.

3. The Parks Department maintains the fields and decides whether a field is playable or not. Please call the office between 3:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M. to check on the conditions. No changes or rescheduling after 2:00 pm. If necessary, we sometimes have to move games to other fields. It is up to each team to notify the umpires of changes and cancellations. We have email and the Internet available. Our e-mail address is jshisler@clarence.ny.us and the website is www.clarence.ny.us. We are posting the daily baseball/softball schedules to the website. Our office schedule is the “confirmed” schedule. (See office window )

4. The beginning of each year is the most difficult when all leagues are trying to practice. Please remember that just because your league may use a field for their games, other teams may also use them as well. Open areas at Schools and Parks can be used for practices. Also, makeup games can be scheduled on Saturdays, early evening and on Sundays. “Flexibility” is important with the amount of teams playing now. We have two lighted fields (60' and 90') that can be booked until 11:00 P.M.

5. Remember the Parking rules at all locations, especially the Fire Companies.

6. At the Main Park, please observe the “parking signs” along the tracks.

7. Leave the diamonds/soccer fields, and surrounding areas in a clean and orderly condition.

8. Lost and Found is at the Park office. Call 741-8927 to inquire of articles missing.

We appreciate your cooperation on the above issues, and look forward to a successful and enjoyable season.

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