CGSL By Laws

Clarence Girls Softball League

Constitution and Bylaws

(Ratified 12-15-2020)



A) This organization shall be known as the Clarence Girls' Softball League, Inc.

B) The Clarence Girls' Softball League, Inc. is a Type A, Not-for Profit Corporation as filed with the New York State Department of State on February 27, MCMXCV. The corporation shall have the powers set forth in Section 202 of the Not-for-profit Corporation Law, together with the power to solicit and receive grants, bequests and contributions for the league purposes.



A) The objective of the Clarence Girls' Softball League (CGSL) shall be to introduce, establish, teach, and promote youth softball to girls and encourage individual participant's confidence and self-worth, leading to an active, constructive lifestyle.

B) These objectives will be achieved by providing participants with supervised practices and competitive softball games to all girls regardless of ability and/or league or division. CGSL will provide instructional clinics for playing and coaching in regular season competitions and tournaments.

C) Coaches and other involved participants will help develop players in the skills of the game of softball, with a strong emphasis on sportsmanship. A positive learning experience must be obtained win or lose through the competitive spirit of a team. The exhibition of good character and good sportsmanship shall be reflected by the examples and proper attitudes of the coach.

D) We shall strive to advance and grow CGSL with appropriate and well-intentioned actions. We will organize, plan and develop efforts and strategies to enhance all areas of softball, including efforts to improve our fields, training facilities, clinics, concessions stands, storage facilities, or any other areas connected to CGSL.



A) Any girl residing in the Western New York area is eligible for House League membership with the majority of girls coming from the following towns: Clarence, Akron, Newstead, Lockport, Pendleton, Corfu, Darien, and Pembroke (CGSL Boundary Towns). The membership is affected by either registering a participant for competitive play or by actively participating in league operations.

B) The T-Ball Division will be comprised of Kindergarteners and 1st graders; Ponytail Division 2nd & 3rd graders; AAA Division 4th and 5th graders; Junior Division 6th, 7th and 8th graders; at the time of Spring registration.

The Travel Division will be comprised of ages 23 & under, 18 & under, 16 & under, 14 & under, 12 & under and 10 and under as of January 1.


A) Players may register at any point before or during the house league season at full registration price. Each team's roster will be reviewed at the end of the team formation meeting by attending board members.

B) Team and player assignments will be the responsibility of the Divisional Coordinators, as designated by the Board of Directors. League policy shall be provided for team formation criteria to each coordinator.

C) House League Team Formation:

1) Start with coach and daughter

2) Honor playersâ?? requests for (1) friend (requests for specific coaches will not necessarily be honored, unless to change coach (s) from last year for stated reasons

3) Combine players by school and/or neighborhood if they didnâ??t request a friend

4) Consider the nucleus of the previous yearâ??s team.

5) Check for only one sponsor per team associated to a particular player.

6) Players must play in their assigned division based on grade, but individual player decisions can be considered by house league director where all decisions are final.

7) Travel level players will be split among house league teams to create fairness in all leagues.



A) This organization shall be non-commercial, nonsectarian and non-partisan. The name of the organization or names of any members in their official capacities shall not be used in endorsement of a commercial concern of a partisan interest or for any purpose other than the regular work of the organization.

B) This organization shall not, directly or indirectly, participate or intervene in any way in any political campaign on behalf of, or in a position to, any candidate for public office; or devote more than an insubstantial part of its activities to attempting to influence legislation by propaganda or otherwise.

C) In the event of dissolution of this organization, the assets of the organization shall be donated to the Town of Clarence, New York Recreational Department.



A) The governing body of the Clarence Girls' Softball League Inc. will be known as the â??Board of Directorsâ?? composed of the following: Executive Board: Commissioner, House League Director, Executive Secretary, Treasurer, Registration/Sponsor Director, Travel League Director. Remaining Board of Directors: Clinics Coordinator, Facilities Coordinator, Equipment Manager, Assistant Equipment Manager, Uniform Director, Umpire Coordinator, Travel Tournament Director, Booster Committee Director, Web Services Director, Marketing Director and the Division Coordinators: Junior Division, AAA Division, Ponytail Division, and T-Ball Division.

B) The Executive Board shall comprise of the officers of the Not-for-profit Corporation and shall follow the rules and bylaws as filed with New York State. Currently: The Commissioner is President, House League Director is Vice-President, Executive Secretary is Secretary, and the Treasurer is Treasurer with two at large directors, which currently are the Travel Director, and Registration/Sponsor Director. Duties of the officers shall be determined at the annual not-for-profit Corporation meeting.

C) The Board of Directors will be elected at the annual board meeting to be held after the end of each season. Term of office shall be one year from October 1st through September 30th for each position.

D) Each member of the Board of Directors including the commissioner shall have one vote on all official business, even if more than one position is held. Should a tie vote occur, the commissioner may cast a second tie-breaking vote to break a deadlock by a quorum. A quorum requires the presence of at least one half of the Board of Directors to conduct official business.

E) Any member of the Board of Directors may call a meeting by giving notice to all members of the Board at least 48 hours in advance of the proposed meeting.



An annual nominations meeting followed by an annual election meeting shall be held after the end of the season of each year on such date, time and place as may be fixed by the Commissioner. The purpose of the meeting shall be for the election of Officers and Board of Directors for the upcoming season and for the consideration of such other business as may properly come before it. Directors shall be notified of the meetings at least ten days prior to the date.

A) Executive Board of Directors shall be elected by a two-thirds majority vote of the Board of Directors.

B) Nominations to the Board of Directors are to be presented to the general membership at the end of the season and will be recorded by the Executive Secretary. The General Board will then review the nominations for qualified candidates and will select the nominees by majority vote. Candidates seeking a nomination for a specific position will not be eligible to vote.

C) New members to the Board of Directors will be elected by majority vote of current Board of Directors. When two candidates for a given position are nominated, the vote shall be by written secret ballot. Candidates seeking a specific board position shall not be eligible to vote. If a Board position is left vacant after the election, an appointment will be made to fill the position, with approval, by majority vote of the Executive Board at a special executive session meeting.

D) General membership shall be defined as any active adult participant: such as directors, coaches, assistants and players.



A) Commissioner shall be directly responsible for all operations of the league. He/she shall direct, delegate, supervise and manage all activities of the league and the Board of Directors. He/she shall preside over all general meetings and board meetings. At an annual meeting, the Commissioner will be responsible for submitting a report on league activities. In his/her absence the Executive Secretary will act on his/her behalf. Other duties include town liaison, booster management, overseeing fund raising, determining overall league needs, oversee league growth, field scheduling, and the building and capital improvements of fields and facilities.

B) House League Director shall assist the commissioner wherever deemed necessary in the management and direction of the league, including booster club management, team selection, determine if fields are playable, post rainouts on the Hotline, registration, season planning, enforcement of league policies, coach selection, and shall work closely with the umpire coordinator and his/her duties.

C) Executive Secretary shall assist the Commissioner and Board for the smooth operation of the league including administrative functions, conduct board elections, team formation, registration, season planning, coach selection, keeping the directors informed of all procedures, policies, records and history. He/she shall keep the records of the league, announce board meetings, and keep minutes, handle official correspondence and work with the Web Coordinator for updating web site. The Executive Secretary shall work with the Registration Director on league registration.

D) Treasurer shall handle all fiscal matters of the league, travel teams and booster club. He/she will be responsible for recording and depositing all monies at the bank promptly after receiving and shall pay all regular and current expenses in a timely fashion. He/she shall verify payment of all player registration fees and shall disperse all umpire fees. He/she will be responsible for filing the not for profit annual tax returns. All expenses must be approved by board vote.

E) Travel League Director shall assist the commissioner in all business that affects travel teams and will recommend and communicate at all board meetings to the Board of Directors on the direction of the Travel Division. This includes submitting coach candidates for approval, selection of players through tryouts, meeting with coaches and league officials for the smooth operation of the division.

F) Registration/Sponsor Director shall assist the commissioner wherever deemed necessary in the management and direction of the league. He/she shall work closely with the Web Site Director and Executive Secretary to promote, conduct, process, edit and record the league registration. He/she shall identify coach candidates and volunteers and recommend the number of teams based upon current registration and previous yearâ??s statistics and the number of player per team based upon uniforms availability.

G) Uniform Director shall conduct the league team sponsorship drive with the help of the Booster Director and the entire board from January through March securing sponsors for each house league team prior to the spring coaches meeting. He/she shall assist the Treasurer in follow up in collection of sponsorship fees prior to opening day. He/she shall order, inventory and coordinate distribution of uniforms

H) Facilities Coordinator shall be responsible for securing and scheduling gym and practice space for player, coach, umpire, and pitching and catching clinics. He/she shall be responsible for overseeing the operation of the indoor practice facility, which includes scheduling and communicating with the baseball league. He/she shall oversee the operation and scheduling of the outdoor batting cage and promote its use to all the coaches and players. He/she shall partner with and work closely with the Clinics Coordinator.

I) Clinics Coordinator shall be responsible for coordinating clinics, by working closely with the Director of Player Development to determine which clinics will take place, and who will facilitate them. All clinics should be attended by travel coaches, house coaches, and all board members.

J) Division Coordinators shall be responsible for communications between coaches and the Board of Directors and shall meet with their coaches regularly during the season to direct, motivate, solve problems and address concerns. Division Coordinators shall preside at the beginning of the season coaches and teams formations meeting and will form teams in appropriate divisions with the approval of the House League Director. Division Coordinators shall represent their respective divisions at all board meetings and shall be responsible for conducting all official business that affects their division. This includes rescheduling games, distribution of schedules, uniforms, equipment, trophies and managing league picnic and skills competition.

K) Equipment Manager shall be responsible for all league equipment and supplies and shall maintain the inventory. He/she shall identify needs and order new supplies from the league funds each year including balls, bats, catchers equipment, pitcher plates, first aid kits, score books, rule books and training equipment, and other needs determined by the Equipment Manager and/or the Board of Directors. He/she shall maintain all equipment by repairing, cleaning and restocking to provide good supplies for all teams. He/she is responsible for distribution and collection of all equipment from all team coaches by keeping record. Annually an inventory count and report will be given at a regular board meeting. The Equipment Manager shall enlist assistant equipment managers. All expenses are to be approved by vote of the Board of Directors.

L) Umpire Coordinator shall enlist, phone, schedule, reschedule make-up game umpires and help train umpires for each house game in all divisions where CGSL will pay umpires. It is imperative that all games in these divisions have an umpire scheduled. Should an umpire shortage occur; the House League Director shall help recruit coaches to fill the umpire vacancies. Umpires names and phone numbers shall be kept by the Umpire Coordinator and shared with the board if needed. Records need to be kept by name of umpire, number of games umpired, amount paid to umpire and the recorded log turned in to the Treasurer at the end of the season. Also, work closely with House League Director to determine rule/rules when issues or disputes arise amongst coaches or umpires.

M) Tournament Director/Committee shall help coordinate with the booster directors and be involved in running the Annual Clarence Invitational Tournament. He/she shall communicate with other leagues and travel teams to schedule tournament games and shall report to the board with options, dates, fees and contacts.

N) Booster Committee Director shall be responsible for fundraising for girlsâ?? softball in Clarence as approved by the Board of Directors. He/she shall work closely with all Directors in recruiting boosters and volunteers, advertising functions, and maintaining the inventory of related equipment and supplies. This includes all league sponsors, concessions and special events. Also, shall head the Boosterâ??s Committee and its members, which will assist in operating any and all concessions taking part of behalf of CGSL.

O) Web Services Director shall oversee, develop, update and maintain the Clarence Girls Softball website. He/she shall work closely with the Executive Directors to promote and develop the web and computer software development for better management, communication and marketing of our league.

P) Marketing Director shall oversee league publicity, marketing, advertising and promotion of the league's activities through the media and correspondence.



A) The Executive Board of Directors shall have control and management of the league property, assets and finances.

B) The funds shall be deposited in the name of Clarence Girls' Softball League with such a bank or insured financial institution as the Board of Directors may designate.

C) Sources of income:

1. Registration fees to be set by the Board of Directors.

2. Request for monies/services from the Town of Clarence Recreation Department as the Board of Directors determines.

3. Team Sponsors.

4. Donations, bequests, grants and contributions.

5. Fund raising activities as approved by the Board of Directors.

D) The financial year is January 1st through December 31st.

E) All major expenses outside of normal operations are to be voted on and approved by majority vote of the Board of Directors.



A) All house league coaches, players and umpires shall abide by the Official Softball Playing Rules as adopted by the Amateur Softball Association of America (FAST PITCH). Travel teams may abide by NSA rules as designated by travel leagues or tournaments.

B) Permanent exceptions and variations to these rules can be suggested by the respective Division Coordinators, but must be approved by the Board of Directors as a change in bylaws with a two-thirds majority vote.

C) The umpire on the field has the final say in the outcome of the games; however the Umpire Coordinator, and/or the House League Director shall be called upon to settle disputes.

D) All players must sign a Town Release Form and a Code of Conduct form prior to playing any games during regular season. Town Releases will be turned into the Town of Clarence Parks Department prior to opening day. Code of Conduct forms will be kept and maintained by the Treasurer for the season.

E) Division rules are reviewed annually and posted on the Clarence Girls Softball website.


House Division Policies

  • The purpose of the Clarence Girls House League is to provide an atmosphere for girls from Kindergarten â?? 8th grade that will promote the sport of softball. Our â??Itâ??s all about the girlsâ?? philosophy shall strive to help girls learn the game of softball, make friends, have fun and advance to higher levels if so desired.
  • House League Director shall work with Website Coordinator and Division Coordinators to find House League coaches. All House League coaches will undergo a background check at the expensive of Clarence Girls Softball League.
  • House League Director shall make sure all teams have an equal number of travel players, especially travel pitchers, when creating teams.
  • House League Director shall keep a close eye on the weather and communicate regularly with parents through the Rainout Hotline.
  • House League Director shall work to complete regular season, playoffs, all-star game and skills before July 4th unless excessive rain occurs.
  • House League Director shall work closely with Umpire Coordinator for appropriate leagues to make sure umpires are scheduled and ready for work each game.
  • House League Director shall conduct meetings with coordinators and coaches to communicate expectations for each House League season:

    1. Coaches shall work with Facilities Coordinator to set up at least 4 practices.
    2. Coaches shall work to schedule pictures and communicate schedule with parents.
    3. Coaches shall work with Equipment Manager to make sure they have a full equipment bag including quality catchers gear, a first aid kit with at least one ice bag, and softballs.
    4. Coaches shall inform travel parents that their child needs to attend at least 50% of House games to remain eligible for travel.
    5. Coaches will develop a good communication plan to make sure each game has enough players attending.
    6. Coaches will provide a full schedule to parents, including regular season games, playoff games (if applicable), all-star game, skills competition.
    7. Coaches shall provide a 100% positive environment for all players, parents and coaches.

Travel Division Policies

A) The purpose of the Travel Division is to provide an opportunity for girls from the CGSL boundary area to compete at a higher level.

B) The Travel Division will host teams from each age bracket if there are enough participants. Divisions will include 23U, 18U, 16U, 14U, 12U, 10U, Teams can play in the Niagara Frontier League or Metro League.

C) Coach Selection: Travel coach candidates shall interview with the Travel League Director for approval by a majority vote of the Clarence Girlsâ?? Softball League Board of Directors. Travel coaches are strongly encouraged to attend ASA, NSA, College and other coachâ??s clinics and to perpetuate their knowledge of softball. Travel coaches shall assist the Clinics Coordinator by acting as teachers and instructors for other coaches and all players at league clinics.

D) League eligible travel players in 6th grade or below are required to register and play in the House League. Players are required to participate in a minimum of 50% of their House League games to be eligible for travel play. Players not fulfilling this obligation may be suspended from their travel team. Travel coaches should not schedule travel games to conflict with the House League games.

E) Tryouts for travel teams and team formation will be held in the fall as designated and supervised by the Travel League Director and the Executive Directors for the following Spring/Summer season to allow for practice during the winter months

F) All travel team formation will occur through formal league tryouts as published by the Travel Director. Both NFL & Metro coaches, with the help of the Travel Coordinator, will fill out their rosters respectively from the tryout participants.

G) Players on a younger travel team may be used as a temporary "call up" player for a travel team above their age bracket with approval of their travel coach within Travel League policy.

H) Outside players not residing in the CGSL boundary area may play on a tournament/travel team. To help become more competitive, non-resident players will be allowed based on Age Division & Travel League as follows:

1. The request for non-resident players must be submitted and approved by the Travel Director with paid-in-full registration fees and town release and code of conduct forms completed. *Each team must get board approval if they seek to exceed the maximum amount of non-resident players (Ratified Nov. 1, 2006)

I) We will assure that all house league players from CGSL boundaries participate in our travel program play in an appropriate number of house league games and have the opportunity to participate in our annual skills competition the following procedures must be followed.

1. When a travel coach schedules their team in a tournament during the months of May, June, or July they must immediately notify the commissioner of what tournament and when the tournament will take place. The Commissioner will do his/her best to schedule house games around tournaments.

2. By December 15th all travel coaches must submit their current rosters to the Commissioner, House League Director, Travel League Director and Treasurer.

3. The House League Director will determine black-out dates for all travel teams individual games during the house season and communicate them to the travel league director to forward to all travel coaches.

4. Travel coaches must submit their schedules to a committee made up of the commissioner, travel league director and house league director for approval. May games by April 15th, all other games by May 15th.

5. If a travel coach needs to schedule a game on a black out date for a make-up game or any other reason they can only do so with the approval of the Commissioner, Travel League Director and House League Director. (Ratified Nov. 15, 2011)

J) The Clarence Girlsâ?? Softball League will keep separate accounting for the Travel Division by team with the intent of each team being self-supportive as administered by the Treasurer. Each travel team will set their own budget based on tournaments entered, league fees, equipment needs. At the end of each season a team audit will be conducted by the league treasurer on each travel team. Should an overpayment of team fees be calculated, they may be disbursed and refunded for each player directly to the parents for that season or rolled over to the following season. Each travel team can receive 50% off their Clarence Tournament fee if their team parents work the concession stand during the tournament.

Travel teams may raise funds for operation and meeting seasonal expenses by charging team dues/fees, holding fundraisers, and also securing sponsors for added seasonal team expense support. Expenditures of these team funds will be as follows: Sponsorship funds will meet first expenditures, then when exhausted, team fees/dues will be expended until spent, then team fundraisers money until all funds are exhausted, refunded to team members, or rolled over to following season. (Judged based on participation in House League clinics, working concession stand, Day in the Park, and other league sponsored events)

K) Travel teams are encouraged to do their own team fund-raising. Travel division or league wide fundraisers will be subject to approval by the CGSL Board of Directors.

L) Transition of Coaching Responsibilities â?? The Travel Team Head Coach position shall be for one year, per year. Generally running from Mid-August to Mid-August. During that agreed upon year, after satisfying the duties of the position, which are travel coach meetings, clinics, and following all by-laws and adhering to coaching codes of conduct and responsibilities, consideration will be given to extend a renewal year to have that head coach continue with that respective team, promoting continuity amongst players, parents, coaches, as well as the organization.

Each year, travel coach evaluations should be made available via email to all travel parents. The Travel Director shall offer an evaluation form before the end of the travel season, and forms should be filled out and returned before the end of August each year

Should circumstances arise where the board feels it needs to address a potential change in coaching of a travel team, that coach will be addressed, and a discussion will be had as to the best course of action for the coach and team. A decision will then be rendered.

Should a travel team coach desire something different than the head coaching position they currently hold in the upcoming year, either to coach a different Clarence travel team, or wish to discontinue his/her coaching responsibilities at the end of a season, he/she shall not to disclose with any player, parent, or any individual other than the Travel Director or Commissioner. Then, upon full Board of Directors approval, a transition plan will be set in place and acted on, in the best interests of the girls on that respective team. No travel coach shall simply name his/her successor. It is appropriate to accomplish this with a protocol for the smoothest transition. All involved parties will be consulted with to confirm the best transition plan. Then, at the appropriate time (which is usually after all regular season games have been completed, normally scheduled and rainouts), an appropriate method of communication will be determined for informing the team.

For example, should a head coach wish to no longer be head coach and wishes his/her assistant coach to take over the team, the head coach cannot simply tell everyone this is what they wish, and have it be so. The protocol must be followed.

Should this protocol not be followed, then the potential for any head coachâ??s desire may become harder to accomplish. The CGSL board desires to avoid any type of chaos for the team and all interested parties when changes are necessary with the coach and/or coaching staff.

If parents wish to have any input in this process, it will be at the travel coach evaluation stage of this protocol for all parents to voice their questions, comments, or concerns regarding the team and itsâ?? coach/coaching staff. Parents can always discuss concerns with the Travel Director and/or Commissioner. If this occurs, the Travel Director and Commissioner will determine the proper course of action involving the Board, if deemed necessary.


  • Determine desire going forward
  • Continue or inform Commissioner or Travel Director of something else â?? state intentions
  • Discussion amongst Board
  • Discussion amongst interested parties
  • Decision
  • Chosen method of communication informing team

M) Clarence Girlsâ?? Softball League reserves the right to hire instructors for clinics at pay rate determined by the board. This will be administered by the Director of Player Development, with help from the Clinics Director and accounted for by the League Treasurer.

N) The Clarence Girlsâ?? Softball League and the Boosters Club will not pay for clinics for individual players. (I.E.. pitching clinics, private instruction, college programs & clinics etc)

O) Any disparity that occurs with the travel program will be reviewed by the Travel Director and submitted to the Clarence Girlsâ?? Softball League Executive Board of Directors for approval.



A) Parliamentary Authority - Robert's Rules shall govern the proceedings of all regular and special meetings except as provided for in these by-laws.

B) Amendments - These articles and by-laws may be amended, repealed or altered in whole or part by a two-thirds vote majority of the Board of Directors at any regular or special meeting providing notice of the proposed action is given to all voting Board members and a quorum is attained. A quorum requires the presence of one-half of the Directors to conduct official business.

C) Effective Date of Constitution shall be effective immediately upon adoption by the Clarence Girls' Softball League Board of Directors.

These by-laws have been amended and ratified December 15, 2020 by unanimous vote.

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