Ponytail Rules

Clarence Girls Softball League



Clarence Girls' Softball League uses the Official Softball Playing Rules as adopted by the Amateur Softball Association of America; youth division.


  • To be eligible for the Ponytail Division, a girl should be in the 2nd & 3rd grade.

As an optimum, each team should consist of 10-12 girls.

  • Good sportsmanship is always the rule, including players, coaches and spectators.

  • Games will have six innings. Players shall play at least two innings in the infield and two in the outfield. Four completed innings will constitute an official game in the case of a rainout; score recorded at the end of the last completed full inning will stand.

  • The home team, designated on the schedule, shall have the following responsibilities:

  1. Sit on the first base side of the field
  1. Provide JUGS â??Softieâ?? balls used for pitching machine
  1. Teams short players must use "call-up" players from the Tee Ball Division

E) Any fan yelling or a deterrent of play from the spectators must be handled by the coach or coaches. If the spectator(s) do not stop after two warnings, the umpire may forfeit the game to the opposing team. Spectators (not affiliated with a team) causing a disturbance will be approached by both coaches and the umpire to resolve the problem.

F) Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not allowed at any CGSL game

G) Jewelry shall be removed and hair shall be secured to avoid any incidents with the proper use of the pitching machine.


  • A head coach or assistant coach will use a pitching machine to pitch to their own players. Pitching machine will be setup at 30 feet measured from the back of home plate and set at 30 mph.

  • There will be no called balls or strikes and no walks. The batter will be out if she swings and misses on the third strike or if she fails to hit a ball into the field of play after six pitches. If a foul ball occurs on the last pitch, the batter will receive an additional pitch. The coach feeding the machine shall keep track of swinging strikes and the number of pitches, announcing when there is one remaining pitch.

C) If the pitching machine is hit by a batted ball the play will be called dead. The batter will be awarded a hit and every runner will move up one base.


  • All players will bat in continuous batting order.

  • In the event that the offensive team scores five runs during one inning, the inning shall be declared over the instant the fifth run scores.

  • If a batter throws her bat in such a way that it would be injurious to persons or property, the coach will warn the batter. Should the same batter repeat this offense, she will be declared out and the play becomes dead.

  • All girls must wear batting helmets when batting, when on base, on deck and when coaching the bases.


  • No leadoffs or stealing is allowed. Runners must remain on base until the ball is hit.

  • When the ball is in play, a base runner can advance at her own risk until the play is declared dead. If a runner is more than halfway between the bases, she may advance to the next base. On a hit to the infield a runner or batter-runner may advance one base; on a hit to the outfield a runner or batter-runner may advance two bases.

  • If the catcher for the next inning is on base when the second out has just occurred, she will be replaced with a pinch runner in order to allow her time to dress for the next defensive inning.

D) Coaches and assistants may assume the duty as base coaches. In this capacity, they may only provide instruction to their base runners and shall in no way obstruct the playing of the game.


  • A normal defensive team will use a one pitcher, one catcher, four infielders and at least three outfielders. The remaining players on the roster will sit on the bench with no player on the bench more than two innings. Outfielders should be positioned at least ten feet from the straight line between the bases.

  • The catcher should be positioned at least four feet behind home plate and may use a fielder's glove. Catchers must wear a helmet, face mask and throat guard, chest protector, and shin guards during games and practices. Safety is always first priority.

  • The defensive player assigned the pitcher position must keep at least one foot in the pitching circle or be positioned on the pitching mound until the ball is hit. There shall be one pitcher only. The pitcher shall wear a protective cage or batting helmet for safety purposes.

  • The infield fly rule is not in effect.

  • The defensive play will end when an infielder has gained control of the ball in the infield or after one attempted play at any base. The runner then stops at the next base (one base advance on batter ball is in the infield; two bases on batted ball in outfield).
  • Players should be rotated equally between infield and outfield with no player playing the infield more than 4 innings per game. Coaches should ensure each player has e equal playing time throughout the season.


A) Coaches will work together to umpire games.


  • At the end of the game, players will exchange a handshake as a gesture of good sportsmanship.

  • Each coach is responsible for the proper condition, cleaning, adjustments, safety concerns and accounting of league equipment. If replacement of equipment is needed, coach shall contact the Equipment Manager. Each coach must return all league property at the end of the season.

Revised 2/1/22 HUBACHER

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