Game Postponement and Rescheduling Policies

Game Postponement and Rescheduling Policies

Clarence Girls Softball League scheduling policy allows for full schedule of 12 games across divisions with the "guarantee" of 10 games before the end of the regular season. One or two rained out games are not required to be made up / rescheduled (but can be played at the request of both coaches pending review by the House League Director). Any more than 2 rain outs must be rescheduled in accordance with the policy below and the guidance of the House League Director. Rained out playoff games will be rescheduled as soon as possible. In all instances the safety of the softball athletes is given the highest priority.


  1. Town of Clarence Parks Department updates CGSL on the status of field conditions by 3:00pm on weekdays. 
    1. If the Town Parks Department cancels games prior to or at the 3:00pm deadline, House League Director will alert Division Coordinators via text and / or email to the schedule change. Division Coordinators will share information with Head Coaches who will update parents / players of the cancellation.
  2. Between 3:00pm and 5:00pm the House League Director will monitor weather and field conditions to determine whether games will proceed as scheduled. House League Director will communicate decision to cancel games as described in Section 1.
    1. If the House League Director / Division Coordinators do not communicate information on the postponement or cancellation of a scheduled game, all teams shall proceed as normal and arrive at the park for their game as planned.
  3. After 5:00pm or after teams arrive on field the House League Director (if present), Division Coordinator (if present) or Head Coaches have the responsibility to stop a game due to weather / field conditions.
  4. Hearing thunder, seeing a lightning strike (or anything else that could pose an immediate danger to players, coaches, or spectators) constitutes an immediate stoppage of a game. In these events everyone present shall get to shelter immediately. 
    1. Games may be delayed due to weather for up to thirty minutes and then continued provided the weather has cleared and the fields are safely playable.
  5. Four completed innings will constitute an official game in the case of rainout or other weather event; the score at the end of the last completed full inning will stand.
  6. Under no circumstances will games be postponed or cancelled for any reason other than weather or field conditions without the explicit approval from the House League Director.
    1. Teams' short players due to scheduling conflict(s) should use CGSL's "call up" procedure


  1. After two rainouts any additional cancelled games should be rescheduled. 
    1. The Division Coordinator will facilitate discussions and information sharing between Head Coaches and House League Director / Commissioner. 
    2. The House League Director / Commissioner will contact Town Parks Department to secure available field at a date and time that is agreeable to both Head Coaches. 
      1. Make-ups dates may not follow the standard CGSL division schedule based on field availability 


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