T Ball Rules

Clarence Girls Softball League



Clarence Girls' Softball League uses the Official Softball Playing Rules as adopted by the Amateur Softball Association of America.


A) To be eligible for the T-Ball Division, a girl should be in Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten or 1st grade. Exceptions to this will be made with the agreement of the T-Ball Division Coordinator and the CGSL Board of Directors. As an optimum, each team should consist of 10-12 girls.

B) Good sportsmanship is the rule at all times, including players, coaches and spectators. There is no official score. There are no restrictions on the number of players needed to field a team.

C) There will be 3 innings with a 120 minute time limit on all games. Time will be kept by the coaches.

D) The home team, designated on the schedule, will have the following responsibilities:

1. Sit on the first base side

2. Provide a new game ball and good second ball

3. Teams are required to show regardless of weather unless by mutual prior agreement by the coaches and approval of Division Coordinator. Once a game starts, rain outs will be declared mutually by the coach of each team

E) Any fan yelling or a deterrent of play from the spectators must be handled by the coach or coaches. If the spectator(s) do not stop after two warnings, the umpire may forfeit the game to the opposing team. Spectators (not affiliated with a team) causing a disturbance will be approached by both coaches and the umpire to resolve the problem.

G) Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not allowed at all CGSL games.


A) All players on the roster will bat every inning. The batting order will be reversed each inning. Outs will be completed and taught but not recorded (all runners reach base).

B) All players must wear batting helmets when batting, when on base and when on deck.

C) At each at bat, the batter will have a maximum of ten opportunities to hit the ball. The first three games of the season the tee will be used by all players. Afterwards the players will use coach pitch underhand 15 feet from home plate with an assistant coach catching. Coaches should not assist on defensive plays. If the batter fails to hit the ball into play within the first 6 pitches then the tee will be inserted. The batter will have 4 swings to hit the ball into play.

D) There will be no balls or strikes and no walks. The batter will be out if she fails to hit a ball into the field of play after ten swings on the tee or after the third game six pitches and four swings off the tee. Coaches shall keep track of the number swings or pitches, announcing when there is one remaining.

E) If the "coach-pitcher" is hit by the batted ball, a "no pitch" will be declared. The batter will return to the batter's box and all base runners will return to the base held at the time of the pitch.

F) Bunting is not permitted. Hits not going past the batterâ??s box will be called foul.

G) No leadoffs or stealing. Runners must remain on base until the ball is hit.

H) All players will bat every half inning. The final batter of the inning is the â??Home Run Hitterâ?? who will advance four bases and reach home plate to end the half inning.


A) In the defensive alignment, there will be no catcher. Infield will consist of two pitchers on either side of the pitcherâ??s circle, a first baseman, second baseman, shortstop, third baseman. As the entire roster will play on defense, all other players will be positioned in the outfield. Players must be rotated to play all infield and outfield positions equally with no player positioned in the infield more than 2 innings.

B) The defensive play ends with a force out or fly out, or with a defensive player gaining possession of the ball and touching any base, runners then must stay or return to the last base touched.

C) The infield fly is not in effect.

D) In the case of defensive interference as determined by the coaches, the runner will be awarded one extra base beyond that to which the runner is entitled.

E) The coach and assistant coach may position themselves on the playing field for instructional purposes but shall not interfere with the play in any way.


A) Coaches are to work together as umpires.


A) At the end of the game players will exchange a handshake as a gesture of good sportsmanship.

B) Each coach is responsible for the proper condition, cleaning, adjustments, safety concerns and accounting of league equipment. If replacement of equipment is needed, coach shall contact the Equipment Manager. Each coach must return all league property at the end of the season


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